The Company Law consultancy services offered are designed to serve the demands of all big and small type of companies regardless of size which are regulated by Companies Acts 1956 and/or Companies Act 2013. 


Company formation

We have with us extensive experience in successfully handling the demands of consultancy services for Company Registration in India where companies can be incorporated as Private Limited or Public Limited. As the incorporation procedure being the same all over India, our experienced team efficiently handles all operations right from getting name approvals of the proposed company from Registrar of Companies (ROC), followed by the application for incorporation, preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association and other necessary documents that need to be submitted with ROC.


Maintenance of Statutory Records

We assist our customer in maintaining various documents, records, register, minutes, etc. as required under the provisions of Companies Act 1956 and/or Companies Act 2013 in order to comply with those provisions and to eliminate any chances of non-compliance.


ROC Compliance & Filings

Companies Act 1956 and/or Companies Act 2013 requires companies to comply with the various provisions under the act and file the intimation, documents, reports, forms, etc. with registrar of companies which is, if required, to be certification by the professionals. We assist the companies in filing those intimations, documents, reports, forms, etc. with the registrar and also certify those filing documents.


Advising on provisions of Companies Act

Here, we provide consultancy or advice to the customers on the provisions of Companies Act 1956 and/or Companies Act 2013 as per the needs or requirement of the customer. Due to implementation of new Companies Act 2013 there are lot of requirement of consultancy on Company law which is taken care by our expert and reliable group of professionals.